Spirits In My House

this is my personal encounter which happened sometime back. I lived in a landed property and usually evenings I will be in my parents’ room watching TV and enjoying their company. I was still pretty young then, probably primary school. At night, I will always hear knocking on my parents’ door. I will then walk over to the door, open it but always find nobody outside. I will then close the door and went back to playing my toys without thinking too much about it. The funny thing is, nobody else hear the knocking, not even my parents who are in the same room. Naturally they thought I was imagining things.

However, these encounter occurs too frequently. It is always at night and it always seem that I am the only one who can hear the knocking. My parents also felt something is a little off. Once my mum had a dream and she dreamed that there was someone else in the house other than the family. However this being does not pose any harm to the family but got alone with us quite well.

My parents went to a medium for consultation. On checking, the medium said that there is a tu di gong (earth god) staying in our house with us. He likes kids and he likes me especially thus he was always trying to play with me. That is why I was the only person who can hear the knocking. The medium then suggested that we erect an altar for him so that he has a place in the house.

My parents did as instructed and from then on, I did not hear any knocking anymore. In fact, the tu di gong helps keep watch over the family. Once my ah gong was in his room resting. We were in the kitchen and he came out to ask us if anyone of us saw 2 kids walk past his room? Nobody saw anything.

My parents consulted a medium and this is what happened. The first kid my ah gong saw was a spirit, good or bad one I cannot remember. The 2nd kid my ah gong saw was actually sent by the tu di gong to follow the first kid to make sure he is not up to any mischief.

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