The Cycling Incident

It was a saturday night. As usual, three of my friends and I had gathered at the coffee shop near my house for makan. After that, we would go cycling throughout the night. The night was especially cool, due to a drizzle in the evenings. We set off and arrived at Chua Chu Kang soon. There, we stopped to have a smoke.

By then, we were getting bored and asked each other for suggestions to go where. We have almost visited every place we could think off. Then, one of my friend, eddie, suggested we go Lim chu kang. I wasn’t too hot on the idea as that place is not where you want to be at night. The others seemed quite supportive. Not wanting to be a spoilsport, I agreed relucantly.

We arrived at the place in ten minutes. The air was really filthy because of the presence of the chicken and duck farms. We cycled past many cementries. But the problem was, no matter how far we go, we seemed to come back to the same place. By then, we were starting to panic. Were we lost? The surroundings was very quiet and not a vehicle was in sight. We were starting to be afraid. Then, we heard it. The sounds of bicycles. Someone was heading our way. We were of course relieved to have someone to ask for directions.

There were four of them. The strange thing was they were all wearing caps. We were about to beckon to them when we smelt something awful. The smell of rotten flesh. We almost vommitted. Then without warning, a small gale began to gather and their caps were blew off. We stood rooted to the ground, unable to speak. These people had no facial features! Then, their bodies started to break down all of a sudden, dissolving in the process. Then, just as they appeared, they disappeared.

We then managed to recover and left the place in lightning pace. Surprisely, we managed to find our way out this time. On our way back, we never spoke a word. We went home respectively and the next day, all of us had fevers. We were too sick to even step out of our bed.

Needlessly to say, that was the last time we cycled at night. The sight of the rotting flesh was something you will never forget for your whole life.

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