The Mirror Knows Our Future

Sometimes ago, I read story books about seeing your future in a mirror and stuff like that. Even some of my friends told me that is ture. I asked some malay friends about this because usually they will know this. They said maybe and it could be true. This happened 4 years back when I was in Primary 6.

So what I need to do to look at the future? At exactly 12 Midnight, I must be sitting infront of a mirror with all the lights off in the whole house and with me I must have a knife and a red apple and some candles around the mirror. I was so curios and I wanted to find out if it is really true. I waited for 2 whole weeks for my parents to go out at night.

The day came. My parents were all ready to go to a relatives house for a birthday party. I was all dressed up too but I acted sick. Thinking I was very sick, my parents said that it would be better if I stayed at home. So when they went out, it was about 5pm. I waited and waited. I got all the things ready the candles, the knife and the apple!!!! Oh darn!!! No apple!!! I went down to the shop and bought some apples and I was ready.

Soon the time came. I was infront of the mirror, candles all lighten up and I looked at the mirror. I was a bit scared when I looked at my own face at the mirror. I slowly peeled the apple with the knife. Then suddenly, half way through, I felt something uneasy. The mirror was starting to glow. Like blue light. I was terribly scared then.

I quickly ran to my hall and on all the lights and I shouted and singed some songs to overcome my fear. Then, I went down to the carpark and waited for my parents to come. I waited……They came….and a long explaination.

Then the next day, to my shocking surprise…..My parents were getting ready at 4pm, wearing the clothes they wore yesterday. I was puzzled and they asked me to get dressed up because we were going to a birthday party!!!!!!! I was thinking what the hell was going on???? Did I see my future or what??? I can’t get a explaination for this.

Please don’t try the apple thing…..I bet you, its dangerous and confusing.

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