Hi, guys..while waiting for school to start, i got myself a job at this 5-star hotel as a room-service waiter. The job is quite fun..never knowing who/what you will see when you deliver food/drinks to the rooms. Pretty interesting job(seen copulations, naked ladies and guys, gays, etc)

Basically, there are 3 shifts, morning, afternoon and the midnite shift. All staffs take on the rotating shift. There was this particular nite, i was scheduled for the midnite shift. “Time for some hot actions” i thought to myself. That nite, only me and 1 other waiter went for the 230am to 330am ‘breakfast card’ collection.(we collect the cards hung on the doorknobs of the rooms).

Well, i started from the highest floor. I always took the shortcut by going thru the fire exit staircase to the lower storeys. Soon, i reached the 27th storey’s fire exit staircase. A little bit breathless, i stopped to enjoy the nite scenery.. puffing at the same time. I tried peeping into the balconies of the lower storeys(26th 25 th..floor) hopping to get some ‘hot action’.

“Boring nite” i thought to myself… While peeping… just then..i saw a head pop out from the 23th storey.. which means someone is at the fire exit staircase of the 23th storey. “Strange…who’s that lady?” i mumbled. “Could be a bored guest..comming out for some fresh air? Don’t know pretty or not?” i thought to myself. Suddenly, as though the lady could read my thoughts, she turned her head upwards and stared at me!

Her long waist length hair flying in the wind..although surprised..i tried to make out her features..BUT SHE HAS A BLANK FACE!

I gasped..dropped my cigarette and before i could react, ‘she’ retracted her head. I heard frantic footsteps, comming from the staircase, as though someone is rushing up from the 23th storey. My knees almost gave way..i felt giddy from the fear.. The footsteps was almost reaching 25th storey(i was at 27th storey) before i found the strength to run towards the door!

Can you imagine the fear i felt?! It was so horrific that i almost thought of jumping down..!!! I had to open 2 doors. 1 for the staircase exit and 1 leading to the corridor.(i will be safe once i reach the corridor cos there might be people around). The footsteps was getting louder and nearer, i could hear scratching on the walls, as though someone’s using her long fingernails on the staircase’s walls as she made her way up!

Somehow i managed to reach the corridor safely. But i heard the door of the staircase creaking open…(i was already at the corridor) which means i am still 1 door away from the staircase door….

Luckily, a security guard was on his rounds and ran over: “You ok?” From my expression, he knew i had seen something. He mumbled a prayer(Malay) and radioed for help thru his walkie talkie. The footsteps and scratching sound stopped by then.

Later, i was told that the ‘lady’ i saw might be the spirit of a chambermaid from china who commited suicide by hanging herself at the staircase a long time ago. I am not the only one who encountered her.

There has been complaints from guests that a lady was seen loitering the staircase area. I was just thinking what she gonna do if i did not run away?(smoke with me? kekekekeke…..) It certainly was the time i ever felt Death so close…..

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