The Railway Tracks

Hello to all of you out there! I have an interesting story to share with all of you today.

This incident happened nearly fifteen years ago.

During my younger days, we lived in a flat in Queen’s Close and about 10 minutes walk away, we have a mosque just beside the railway tracks where my brothers and I attended religious classes.

Since we were schooling in the afternoon session,our religious class began at around 7.30pm till 9.30 pm. Usually, our grandmother will accompany us to the classes.

That day, our grandmother was not feeling well, so we were told to go on our own. We were warned not to follow the route of the railway tracks as the tracks were dimly lighted. We were told to take the other route where there are other flats.

My 2 brothers and a friend of ours, R, being mischievious and naughty insisted that we followed the railway tracks. I was adamant at first to follow the other route but when they started laughing at me and calling me a chicken, I relented. R was even bold enough as to say that he wished that he would meet with a pontianak as he had only heard stories but never met one yet. He really is very bold and ya-ya! Well, he got what he wished for!

The railway track was very dimly lighted, and on both sides of the tracks were bushes and lalangs. The moment I stepped onto the tracks, I had an uneasy feeling. But afraid of being called a chicken and becoming their laughing stock, I mustered up my courage and followed along, but at the same time, muttering whatever prayers I know under my breath.

The three of them were in front of me laughing and pushing each other. Suddenly about 10 feet of us, out of nowhere, in the middle of the tracks, stand a lady in white with long hair, who was just standing there looking at us as though she was waiting for us. All four of us were taken by surprise by her appearance. The three of them stopped laughing and turned to look at me with frightened faces.

We didn’t know what to do. We turned back and started running when she suddenly appeared in front of us! She was smiling that hideous smile with that bloodshot eyes. She was very,very ugly and smelly. She floated towards us and we were unable to move or scream. She stopped a few inches from us and looked at each and every of us and she stops at our friend. She glides to him and with her outstretched arms showing her long fingernails, scratched him on his right cheek. She then actaully licked our friend’s blood that was on her finger!!! And after that, she started laughing and flew away.

It was a few minutes before we recovered from our hypnotised state. Our friend started crying as the scratch wound was pretty deep. Our knees felt wobbly but we managed to get home. My friend was sent to the hospital where his wound was stitched up. But I pity him, since that day, he changed a lot. He became very withdrawn and at times started crying for no reason. He became restless, hysterical and moody. His mother first brought him to a doctor who couldn’t find anything medically wrong with him. She then brought him to see a religious teacher who explained that the pontianak is still haunting him and many months later, after many sessions with the teacher, he got better.

And as for me and my brothers, we received a good scolding from our parents and grandma. We were also affected by the whole incident, though. All three of us went down with fever for the next few days.

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