The Short Cut

Hello to everyone out there!

The story I’m going to relate to you now did not happen to me (Thank God!) but it happened to may anutie and uncle about a few months ago.

It happened in a Malaysian state. My auntie, like most Singaporeans, had just bought a bungalow in one of the states in Malaysia. So, on one of the weekends, she went down to the bungalow as she had just bought some furnitures and was therefore waiting for the furnitures to be delivered.

The delivery was supposed to arrived at 7 – 8 pm but they only arrived at about 9.30pm. And since there were no utensils(they have yet to move in), my auntie and uncle had to buy their dinner outside.

And since the estate was new, there were no foodstall available nearby. They had to drive out to a nearby village about 15km away.

By the time they finished their dinner, it was about 10.45 – 11 pm. Both my auntie and uncle was feeling very tired and sleepy. On the way to their house, my uncle decided to take a shortcut, that is through a rubber plantation. My auntie started to object but my uncle ignored her.

In the middle of the plantation, the car’s engine made a funny noise and the car suddenly stopped. My uncle, feeling tired, got frustated and swore under his breath as he went out to look at the engine.

My auntie was left in the car. The atmosphere was very foggy and there were no source of lightings whatsoever. It was also eerily silent. While my uncle was bending over the engine, my auntie began to feel that something was not right. My uncle finally looked up with his torchlight and got into the car. My auntie told him of her uneasiness but he brushed her off saying that she had wild imagination.

Just as he closed the door and started the car, they felt the car shaking. Not from the engine but as though someone or something strong was actually shaking the car. Then the scratching noises on the side of the car began. The problem is, both my aunt and uncle could not see the thing or person doing all those things. My uncle started to swear again and was about to go out to catch the culprit when my aunt stopped him.

He grew angry and was shouting at her when a duck from nowhere landed on their car hood. They were both dumbfounded as they watch the “duck” transformed itself into a pontianak! She has long hair and her face was badly disfigured. Her bloodshot eyes stared at the two of them and they were too scared that they were practically glued to the seat.

Without leaving their eyes, she started scratching on the hood of the car which resulted in a deafening screeching. That’s when both my uncle and aunt were woken up from their hypnotised state. Both started muttering whatever prayers they could think of. The pontianak then flew around the car and at the same time scratching the sides of the car. After that, she hovered around the hood, smiling evilly at both of them and with a screehing laughter flew off.

That’s when the car engine started and my uncle wasted no time getting out of there! They even drove back to Singapore instead of their bungalow.

They called my grandma who waited for them at the void deck and true enough there were five scratchmarks on either side of their car, the hood and the roof of the car.

Luckily they were not hurt but I think both my aunt and uncle will remember that nite for the rest of their lives!!!

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