Unwilling To Leave

This is a true story which happened to a friend, X. This happen in Malaysia. I’m a Malaysian living in a small village in Johor. On the way back to Johor, there is this particular stretch where accidents always occured. What happen to X is when I’m in Singapore. From what I heard from my friend is X and a group of friends(all I know) went to other places to have fun with their transport that is motorbikes (4-5). They decided to race to see who is the best rider and who owns the best bike. From what my friend Y tell me, nobody had seen any lorry on the opposite lane until the accident occured.(They said that when there is something really there but you can’t see it, its named as ghost blind eyes, this last for a few seconds only) X lost his life, Y broke his legs.

X’s girlfriend had told the group of friends X gone out with that, she saw X stand outside her window at night few days after the accident trying to talk to her but the language he spoke doesn’t make sense to her.

Q another friend told us that there’s one night that he need to borrow my brother’s car to get back his village to get his things and thus will return my brother’s car and overnight in my dad’s shop on the same day. Q said that on the way back….when he look at the rear mirror he saw X, look the same as a life, X trying to ask Q alot of questions but Q trying to avoid answering the questions, wind down his windows and keep answering as ” I don’t know”. Seeing X was always in the car he only have to go round and round the village even though he had reach until Q really was tired, he stop the car and sat at the 24hrs coffee shop. Q ordered 2 drinks, 1 for himself and the other which is X favourite of coz for X lah. After resting Q really don’t know what to do and so he decided to ignore X and return to my dad’s shop to sleep. He claim that before he fall asleep he saw X standing in a corner looking at him.

The day when I got to know this encounter of Q, I was in Malaysia. I ask my friends to accompanied me till morning (I’m not a timid girl but I know I’ll keep reminding myself of the encounter and I’m sure I can’t fall asleep). That day I was sleeping soundly when I return home in the early morning. What actually happened to me was on the very next day, as usual talk to my friends till midnight but what was on my mind where those jokes and funny things we talk, I’ve never ever on that day that I thought of X (after dead) actually been to my dad’s shop. The room I’m sleeping in is the room X actually visited. As usual I change my clothes and get really to sleep what’s not the same is that my elder brother went to my sis-in-law’s home to sleep and my younger brother gambling in my cousin’s home.(That means I’m alone)

I shut my eyes and get ready to sleep, after about 2-5mins I heard sounds of foot steps walking up and down on my right and up and down on my left. I opened my eyes to see if there’s any plastic bags or whatever but found nothing and I’ve notice that the sound wasn’t there. That’s the time I’ve found something amissed, I shut my eyes hard and the sound turn on. I’m so scared, I don’t dare to open my eyes cause I’m afraid of the consequenses of it. You can imagine that feeling that you know someone is around but you dare not do anything…I almost went crazy when I finally make my 2nd attempt to open my eyes. I opened my eyes(sound stop) as big as I can and even look around, nothing is out there but as I closed my eyes the sound turned on again. I really hate that! The only thing I remembered before I fell asleep was that I’m chanting and at the same time use another pillow to covered the other side of my ears.

X’s dad told us not to attend X 1st death anniversary cause they believe that X might pull anyone down (due to loneliness). Respecting his dad we did not attend.

Imagine on this stretch of road every year there is 1 or 2 youngsters dead. I’m glad after X accident I’ve not heard anymore accidents there. A reminder to all riders if you think riding gives you the satisfaction, think what happen to X, he brings us all in crying sessions.

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