Xcountry Ghost

Creeps to all earthlings and lost soul. Well, what i am gonna tell ya next is about my trip to ChiangMai.It was a trip that was organised by my X-country cca.

It was on the 26th of of november 2000. Our whole prestige team got into the plane to head for Chingmai. We were looking forward for the Meh Kong river and the golden triangle. The long runs maybe 10 to 12 km along the country sides. Maybe see some village girls(hehehe just joking) And of cos the night market. But things didn’t went well on certain nights of our stay.

Our first day at the hotel was okie. It was actualy a small hotel *Moon hotel. Maybe a four star one. So was the second and the third which we spent our nights at a hotel in Chiang Rai *little chicken hotel. But the fourth night, we returned to back to *moon hotel in chiang mai hotel, after that , we all went for a short run. We got back and most of us were like very lethargic and so when we got back, most of us maybe dooze off. But then there was a group of us that stayed together in a room to play daidee. While we were playing, our friend *john came rushing to our room, he was like in a rush. We asked him why and he told me that he saw my luggage which was like damn heavy being lifted and thrown. You see, my friend luggage, was on the bottom of my luggage, we put it in front of the mirror, which was situated near our beds. My friend told us that out of sudden, while he was like idling around on his bed, to get some sleep, the bag was moved, like being lifted, and the mirror, began to shake a bit, like though someone had pushed it.

So we decided to sleep together that night. Like 6 people in like a four room house bedroom. The next day, we didn’t tell the story to anyone, we waited again for the next day.

The fifth day, you see, we just came back from shopping and so, me like so damn kiasu, bought like so much things. 100 baht? No,No,No this cheap, cheap. Pang! Pang! Pang! (means expensive in thai). I got to my room alone maybe forgotten about the incident, i got to my room and switched on my lights and head for my bag when suddenly, the lights of the whole room were switched off. Except the light between the two beds, which was situated on the top between them. I was like damn scared lah. I ran to the door and tried to open it but then it wasn’t successful. I turned around and saw the curtains in the room, began to move though the window was closed. It was like someone had played with the curtains, I tried to open the door and so i did, at last it opened. I told my friend about it to check again with me. When we got back, the whole room was lited. I was shocked! My friend was like where got? But some of them believed.

The next day, which was our last day, the upper secondary boys planned for a ghost story section at a friend room, and so we began, we told stories. With the lights off. No lights. The curtains were close, including the windows, the mirror was closed. All we had opened was the air-con. It went okie. When suddenly, we heard a loud knock on the door. One of my friend *john answered it and all of us crowd near him. When he opened the door, he got the shocked of his life. He saw a woman with her night gown, long dirty hair, about 1.7m. She had black lining along her eye lower lid, liner. She had an angry expression on her face. And my friend was like argh!!!!. Crawling by the back, one of our seniors went to see it and got to the same position of *John. Only when the woman said why are you making so much noise, we realised that she was a human. We settled down and got seated.

Only after she was gone, we realised something was wrong. The woman was like floating in the air. On how on earth did we make noise when only one speaks and the rest was like keping quite. WE realised we had just spoken to a PONTIANAK. OR maybe a Thailand ghost…….

Let me just end here..You decide for your self.Watch the candles flicking! burn it down..slowly………

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