N-S Highway – Yong Peng

There is nothing like the real thing until you experience it. What I?m gonna to tell all of you happened to me & my family last week on 10 June.

We were on our way back from KL taking the N & S highway. My 4 yrs old son sat beside me and my wife with the 2 yrs old son were on the rear seat. We stopped at Yong Peng around 7 pm to rest and perform our maghrib prayer. I performed my prayer with my 4 yrs old son. My wife couldn?t pray coz she was having her mens. There, we met a family from Johor & we had a casual conversation. 8pm. That was when we left Y.P and I intended to drive all the way to S?pore.

Everything was normal except it was really dark. No street lamps, just your car headlights and the full moon. Suddenly, both my sons started to cry and soon started to scream. At the same time, I noticed cars passing in the opposite direction flicked their high beams as they approached my car. I realised that only when my car came closer to the other cars that the high beam being flick. Then my wife started to cry. Hell ?I was scared?I knew something was not right. I had to be tough. I knew the last thing I would do is to stop. I recited some Quran verse and pick up my speed.

Suddenly a car approached beside me. I looked and I was glad? it was the family I met earlier. The man in the passenger seat pointed up indicating my car roof. I knew something was on top. He signaled to me to slow down & at same time I saw he was reciting something. Moments later I heard a shrieking laughter and I saw a white thing flew away. Pontianak?!!

Eventually we stopped & the man came out to me. He told me there was a pontianak on top of the roof. I was stunned but kept the news from my wife. I knew the Pontianak was after her as she was having her mens. He told me that this was not new. It happened before. The man & his family offer to accompany until the causeway. I gladly accepted the offer & at the same time called my father to wait for me at Woodlands.

You see, when u are travelling in the malaysian highway and cars opposite your direction flick their high beam, it can means two things. Firstly there are speed trap near by or secondly, you may experience the same thing as I did.

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