My Sister

First of all..thanx for visiting! Ok..this story is about my sister whom once had been possessed by that “HANTU CANTIK” or famously known as PONTIANAK…

The story goes like this..Last, last sunday(don’t noe when..), my sister, Baizurah Falysha, gone out with her boyfriend and came home late at night…off course my mum was very angry at her since she arrived at our doorstep at around 11.30 pm..(around that lah)

At first i didn’t realize something different about her when she came back home…until..when she step into our bedroom(you’re rite..we’re sharing room u see)..I didn’t know what had happened to her..usually, regarding our malay custom..every muslims who came home after going out should go straight to the toilet to wash their feet…coz’ we believe that by washing our feet…the “THING” that follows us everywhere we go may not be following us back to our home and create trouble. Off course she usually did that but that day…she didn’t! I could sense something was amiss then!

I then questioned her why she didn’t wash her feet as usuall and she just replied, “Don’t disturb me!” I was DAMN shock! From that very reply…i could know that something was wrong with her…All that night..she didn’t even care to talk to me and the other family members..she just kept herself quiet..

It was midnight then..the rest of the family members were sleeping soundly..including me but not that easy..(yeah..i felt uneasy) You see, while the rest of us were sleeping..she was still sitting infront of the television set in our room..watching T.V! I asked her to switch off that DARN T.V coz’ it was disturbing my peace but she just kept quiet and ignored my needs! I was getting fed-up with her and just carry on with my sleep..

The next day, when i woke up..the T.V was still on while my sister was still asleep! I was like..”Oh she mad or what? Daddy will surely scold her for wasting electricity!!” Without wasting much time,i quickly switch off that T.V. Everything was alright then..

Around 12 sister still hadn’t wake up from her sleep! I shook her and then i felt that her whole body felt feverish..(my hairs were standing up! I had no idea why was it standing up!) I think that she was having a slight fever so i informed my mummy about it… When my mummy approached my sister, her hair stands up too!(funny huh?!) Then my mummy decided to wake her up but in vain…so she shook her as hard as u could imagine…then she woke up…feeling puzzled! Immediately her whole body turned pale blue…like as if blood was drained off from her body..My mummy then decided to call our family doctor… The doctor came and said that she had a very high fever after examining her..I felt really sorry for her..

My sister was bedridden for almost two full weeks! The rest of my family members then realized that after taking her medicines(untill there was no more!), she still didn’t recover so she decided to seek help from my cousin’s sister-in-law, named Cik Po’ah. Cik Po’ah had a strong will..yes..she was something like bomoh..she had cured a few people succesfully before! After seeking help, my mummy and Cik Po’ah settled a date to meet my sister..

On that chosen date, Cik Po’ah came to my house…at first i didn’t noe that she was coming..I was schooling then. When i came back from school that day, i was puzzled by the chanting and wispering of the small crowd infront of my house..i don’t noe why. The crowd was my cousins..”Why are they here??” i askd myself.. Then, when i wanted to enter my of my cousin stopped me, saying, “Don’t go ‘CIK PON’!” I was becoming more and more puzzled..cik pon?! I waited long enough at the front door when suddenly i heard someone screaming in pain..It was my sister’s voice! I entered the door, rushing in, ignoring what my cousins said! When i stepped into my bedroom..right infront of my sister collapsed unconsciously on the terrazo floor! I was eyes were fix on my unconscious sister’s body!(weirD..)

When everything was fine, my sister came back to normal..I still haven’t solved that DARN mystery yet! So, i asked my mummy about it. My mummy said that…”CIK PON” or PONTIANAK actually had been following her all this while…that’s why she delivered a high fever which did not recovered fast…and that’s why she’s been keeping herself quite all this while and that’s why she’s been angry all this while without any then that mystery has been solved.. I’m glad that she’s all right now..

So do you want to know how did she encounter this PONTIANAK? Well…when she had recovered fully, my mummy asked her how that PONTIANAK gets into her body…Then my sister realized that when she was walking at this park(don’t know which park)with her boyfriend…she said that she and her boyfriend saw a white cloth-like figure fly past above them..Since she was a timid one…that PONTIANAK follows her back home… So..this is one advise for those people out there who is as timid as my sister…Please do not carry on with your timidness…coz’ this kind of “THING”(devils,demons,hantu–>ghost) LOVES to disturb people who are timid…

So, try to be brave…When u encounter this kind of thing later…do not just keep yourself quiet…Say little prayers so as to “shoo” that thing away from u…and please remember not to asked other company whether they see what u see because this will make that thing become more and more stronger towards its prey…so better not…It’s good to say little prayers first…and off course..don’t fancy point out for the other company where that thing is…coz’ we believe that the thing could detect your finger eventhough you were out of it sight!! ReMeMbEr…..

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