Bangkok Trip Incident

I was in Bangkok last year, and was staying in a small hotel, and due to high occupancy rate, my friend and I were given a corner room. Another 2 friends got a room in the other end of the corridor but not a corner room. We were quite far apart.

My friend was quite unhappy over the corner room, but no choice, there were no other rooms available. After a shopping trip, we return to our room and was unpacking, we both heard fanatic knocking on our door. My friend though that it was the other 2 girls, so she quickly go and open the door. And when she returned she had a shocked look. She said there was no one at the door. And clearly we do not hear anyone footsteps left hastily (we are the last, if you are to run towards the lift or hide, you need some time). I was also shocked. We both kept silent for a while, and we pray that nothing bad will happen.

At night after we return to the hotel, I was opening the door. The hotel is small hotel, so there is no card system. You have a key to unlock only. While opening up the door, I clearly felt that there is a force pulling the door knob at the other end. I was shock, and praying praying already. My friend saw my expression and ask what’s wrong, all of a sudden the tugging force stopped. Phew. Throughout the stay, everything else is peaceful, except for these 2 incidents.

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