Fish Anyone

Talking abt fishing encounters, I recalled this incident that happened one during one of our fishing adventure.

There was a time where me and my hubbi were so crazy abt fishing, we would scout the whole S’pore for a good spot. You guys have been to Marina South Pk where all there is man made ponds full of Tomans and tortise. Well this is how we encountered the third kind.

We went to fish that night right after my hubbi discovered the area. We sneaked behind(it’s illegal to fish there) the bushes and lay our hand-line while we waited for the big catch. Several times we thought we had something but we caught tortise instead. B’cause it ate practically the whole bait, we couldn’t could get the hooks out. We have to cut the line off and released them back to the pond again with the hooks still intact(I know it’s cruel). We went there couple of times with a few buddies. Some of the nights are rewarding as we managed to catch 1 giant Toman.

We returned one night hoping to double the returns this time with just my hubbi and his buddy. We went to our favourite spot, did the usual setup and waited. I soon got tired and lay down to rest. My hubbi and his buddy continued chatting. I was suddenly woken up and my hubbi told me we are packing up and going home. I was puzzled why the sudden reaction and you should looked at their faces. I kept asking why we are leaving and why they are behaving so strangely.

While in the midst of packing, his buddy went to check out a few trees behind us. He came back and said “Let’s go” It was until then when we left the area quite a distance when my hushand explained to me.

They were chatting when suddenly they felt someone’s breathing between them, it was so loud and heavy. That “someone” was angry and in a angry tone he spoke in a very low low husky voice like someone chanting. It was so clear that they immediately stopped their chat, looked at each other for they thought one was playing prank at each other. They were stunned for a while, they picked up their courage turn and looked behind them to see if anyone was there. Not a single soul, they scout the area hoping that it’s really someone trying to scare them. They decided to leave and that’s when I’m woken up.

I’m lucky as I happened to be asleep, I couldn’t imagine if I heard that chant too!! It will freak me out totally.

We told our experience to my mom-in-law. Her logic explanation was we have offended something there by bringing baits like chicken liver..or.. the tortise lives there for a reason because some chinese believed by releasing animal( in this case tortise) their sins are forgiven, the tortise could be there for some other ritual purpose. That explains why there are so many tortise and huge ones too.

We never return to the same spot again until this day. Also we were told not to go fishing during the chinese seventh month, you won’t know what you’ll catch.

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