Guns N’ Roses CD

I was listening to ‘Guns N Roses’- ‘Use your Illusion 1′ CD one day when i heard some strange noises in the songs. I went back to the shop to ask the man there whether the problem lies in the CD or my CD player. When the guy tested the CD, everything was OK…..100% perfect. I was kinda shocked. The guy told me it must be my CD player… So i went back home and tried it on my computer’s CD-ROM drive. As expected… was still spoilt.

When i lend it to my friend the next day…he called me that night telling me i was just wasting his time as the CD worked perfectly. I still can’t get it…… So i went to the net…..just to see the latest Guns N’ Roses news…. When i came across “Dizzy Reed Died In A Car Accident”(Dizzy Reed is the keyboardist of Guns N’ Roses.) That news shook me….i went on to read the article and then i saw a line saying that many Guns N’ Roses’ Cds in the world are not working. Just like mine. They said that the spirit of Dizzy Reed came back to all devoted Guns N’ Roses fans around the world for a last goodbye.

After a few weeks, i took out the now already dusty…and put it into the player and it turned put to work correctly. Just like it should. But i found something amiss. I turned the CD jewel case and saw that the CD only contains 16 tracks but on the player, i found out that there were 18 tracks. I tried listening to it. Track number 17 has some piano music and then track 18 had only “thank you” in it.

Could it be the spirit of Dizzy Reed or is it just pure coincidence???

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