There were 12 of us altogether. It happened on Friday night at 12am sharp. We were heading towards the bus stop and decided to walk inside the park at blk 541 pasir ris. Soon as we step inside the park, it started raining. Since there was quite a lot of us together, we did not feel scared.

Unfortunately, me and my other friend was having menstruation(Ya noe, ghosts luv dis). While we were walking, i felt sumtin beside me. My right shoulder suddenly felt heavy. As one of my friend could see ghost, she asked me to move my shoulder a bit. I asked her why and she said…”Buat ajerlah ape yang aku suruh, nanti aku critekan.”(Just do what i say, later i’ll tell u) Without further notice, i did as she told. Suddenly one of my friends, the other gerl who was having menstruation walked alone and went to the other end of the park. We called for her, but she just ignore and walk. Everyone of us just stood there and watch( feeling scared), except for my friend(the one who could see ghost), she ran to her and grab her.

Suddenly my friend said “Huh, aku nak gi mana nie?”(Huh, where am i goin?) We all just kept quiet. Everyone of us kept quiet and continued our journey. While strolling down, my friend said “Kau nampak yang kat batu-batu tu. Alah, yang batu tu lah.”(U see at the rocks there?) Since none of us except her could see it. We said “mana ade pape.”(Where got anything)

Out of the blues, my friend, laughed like pontianak. We all were stunned. One of my boyfriend grab her and everything went back as normal. Soon, we reached the bus stop. My friend and 2 other friends, went back to my friends house. As we were inside the bus, our clothes dry because we were sitting under the air-con except one of my friend, the wetness on her blouse did not dry up. All she said was “Oh…benda tu tak ikut kita tapi dia tinggalkan aku tanda ini aje.”(Oh…that thing never follow us but it left me with this mark only) As we were inside the room, she told us what happened. She told us dat a pontianak was putting her hand on my shoulder dat is why my shoulder felt heavy. And my friend, she walked alone is because the pontianak call her and she was “sampuk”(possess) by dat pontianak.

It may not sound as scary as it actually was but if ur the one there, u’ll be scared to death. Trust me…

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