My aunt was 4 months pregnant. Many older people believe dat pregnant women are always susceptible 2 disturbances from other world. My aunt was an introvert. She always kept to herself and was always good-tempered. Rarely can u catch her in an angry mood.

** It was a normal day for my aunt, except 4 the overtime she had 2 do. It was Friday. She had gone 2 werk in the morning and came back late dat Friday nite. Her behaviour took a drastic turn after dat day.

My aunt started 2 become impatient, getting upset even at the slightest things. She would start pulling a ‘long face’. A few days later, it got worse. She started 2 scream at the people around her, her husband, her father-in-law and even her mother-in-law. At 1st, they thought dat she was suffering from depression due 2 her pregnancy. That could explain the mood swings. But day by day, her mood swings got worse.

At nite too, during her sleep she would babble away. Her husband could not understand wat was she saying & so he told his parents about it. They were worried sick.

They decided 2 bring my aunt’s favourite sister( who is my mother sister)who knew a little about these ‘other’ things. Everyday, my other aunt would do a little prayer in the house. My aunt was not happy with the other aunt’s presence.

One day, my aunt husband was on nite duty and so the other aunt said dat she would sleep in my aunt’s room dat nite. Instead of sleeping, the other aunt sat at the foot of the bed & started 2 read some prayers. My aunt started 2 get restless in her sleep, tossing & turning in her bed.

Suddenly, she heard my aunt mumbling & moaning again. My other aunt continue her prayers after she went to have a cup of tea. She walk fast to my aunt room & stooped at the doorway stunned!!!!. She had never seen such an image like dat in her entire life…!!!

My aunt was moaning and groaning, twisting and turning her body in her bed. Beside my aunt was a whitish zombie-like womanly creature who was now feeling my aunt abdomen and the life of the unborn child.

My other aunt picked up the prayers book and read it. The pontianak looked up. There was blood oozing out from her mouth. My other aunt knew dat the prayers was displeasing the pontianak. The syllables and vowels and the sound of the prayer echoed through the room.

The pontianak walked up to my other aunt and hissed.

“What? What are u doing? You think i’m scared?” the pontianak shouted.

My other aunt althought shock, continued with her prayers, refusing 2 lose her concentration. A momentary white light, out of no where entered the room and ablazed on the pontianak. It was gone as suddenly it had appeared. My other aunt continued her prayers. The devotional prayers protected the devotee and my aunt family

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