The Long Hair Lady

I don’t know how to start this “unfortunate” encounter of mine but the thought of it certainly send shivers down my spine. Pictures of that awful sight which happened on that fateful night about 7 to 8 years ago still flashes through my mind every now and then. The feeling was undescribable, the sight was undeniable, and the whole experience was totally unspeakable.

Of all places, that “thing” actually showed up in my old house back in Bedok North. I remember I was about primary 3 or 4 when it happened. Dawn was breaking but the sky was still dark at that time. I was alone in my bedroom sleeping soundly. Suddenly, I just woke up from my dream and found myself awake. I tried going back to sleep but couldn’t as my eyes just wouldn’t close. I took a quick glance at the clock that is situated beside my bed, it showed 5am. Since I was going to wake up sooner or later to go to school, there wasn’t a need to retire again so I just laid lazily on my bed waiting for time to pass.

As my bed was standing against the wall, there was only one opening for me to get out of it. Apparently at that time when I was awake, I was lying in a position facing the wall, my back facing the opening. I thought it was about time to go and wash up so I turned around and prepared to hop off the bed…..

To my horror, I saw a dark black figure about a metre from my bed combing her long fine hair. She was stroking her long, in fact very long hair. I couldn’t quite see her face clearly as I was only able to see her side view. She did not seem to notice me looking at her but whatever the case, I was dumbfounded. I felt like shouting for my parents but the words couldn’t seem to voice out. I was so terrified but knowing that running out of the room might do me no good, I just turned back, pretending nothing had happened and pray for the “thing” to go away. I don’t know how long I had been waiting but funny enough, I went back to sleep and when I woke up in the morning, I couldn’t open my eyes no matter how hard I tried. I was so afraid that that “thing” might be still there but I had to bite my teeth and carry on waiting. After a while, slowly, I was able to see a ray of light and finally, the surroundings came to sight. Phew! I heaved a deep sigh of relief that I was still at home, safe and sound. I woke up cautiously, eyes on the lookout. After confirming that the whole house was clear except for my parents who are still sleeping, I dressed up and ran all the way to school, reporting late.

All in all, it was truly an unforgetable experience and I believe that the whole incident will be a shadow of my life for a long long time. This is although a plain story, but every part of it was once reality, not virtuality. After relating the story to some of my friends, some of them suggested that it might be a pontianak but nonetheless, I hope it is just a harmless spirit.

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