The Scare

It was a beautiful night, i was taking a stroll down the Changi Beach with my fiancee. It was really romantic. We had actually went down to Changi Beach because some of my friends had organised a BBQ. While we were walking, i felt someone actually following us. I noticed a shadow behind our back. …

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This story was told to me by a friend. One fine afternoon friend X was on her way with her friends to go for a camp. When they reach the place, they decided to set up a tent. After that, they cooked some food to eat. After one hour, they went for a swim at …

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Sea Ghost

The day was Sunday September 2003, me & my Father were fishing at Changi Village, i`ve been fishing there for nearly 5 years. Fishing for catfish and some other species like barramundi, snapper & conger eel. When we reach our fishing spot it was a hot sunny day. Only a few anglers were there but …

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