We Passed By Her

Hi, its me again. This time, I have a scarier story to share. This is what it’s about: We saw a ‘ghost’ ahead of us, walking on the path we were to take, walked past it without thinking, walked on and… never saw it again- which is the scary part! You HAVE to publish this! …

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Chalet Story 2

It happens few years back. I was invited to my friend’s chalet to celebrate his birthday. Before i went there, i told my mum about going to the chalet the next day. She told me that the chalet was built on a mortuary during the British colony and its haunted. I didn’t believe her as …

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Chiangmai Trip

The students of Bishan park sec were very excited about going to Thailand with their friends( no parents, yeah!!). But of course there were teachers and a guide. We firstly stayed at so called “chalet” but it was definitely a beautiful place with all the mountains. Anyway, everybody was too tired and excited to even …

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Church Trip

Four years ago, my church organised a trip to Genting Highlands. At that point of time, i wasn’t interested in going, as I am, basically, not a religious person, and I did not want to be bored by a series of prayers or preaches made by the pastor. However, as my parents have already paid …

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This happened to me during 1996 at my first girlfriend’s class chalet. Me and my ex-girlfriend likes to play with pen-spirit(Bi Xian). We played it frequently and nothing happends to us until i joined her class chalet… There were the whole class of students attended the chalet. So, on the first day evening, we all …

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