Handphone Ghost

This incident happened when a group of friends and I decided to check out the ol’ Changi hospital. When we reached there, i decided to turn off my handphone for who knows what reason..Well i did and after about an hour’s worth of unsuccesful exploring, we decided to leave. It was already around 11:30 at …

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It was a Saturday night when it happen. My parents was aboard so i decided to have some fun……..who know it was no fun at ALL. I call my friends and ask them to meet at my house at 10 pm, after that we each took a bicycle and cycle our way to “OCH”. I …

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Jasmine Flower

I am working as a nurse in one of the restructured hospital. It happened few days back. It was about 10 at night. My pregnant friend asked me to accompany her in the toilet because she need to change. So I stayed inside our locker room while she’s changing in the toilet cubicle. Suddenly, my …

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Blood Transfussion

This story happened a few years back…. I’m working as a nurse in a well known maternity hospital before the hospital was shifted to a new building near by. I was doing night shift on that day. A baby was admitted to our unit and need a blood transfussion. While the blood was being transfused, …

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