Lady Luck

Well these incident happened a long time ago! During that time, we were having a chalet to celebrate a birthday party for a friend of mine. Few of the guys and gals were busy preparing food at the BBQ pit and the rest of the guys including me were “busy” making money(gambling). Some were losing, …

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Hide & Seek

I’m sure you have the old people saying about playing hide and seek around dusk…that u might be hidden by a ghost called hantu tetek(the breast ghost)….Well at that the time when I heard this saying I dun really believe it…but after a recent incident I changed my views about it … Back in 1999, …

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Unwanted Guest

It was one of those days when our family and some of our relatives decided to drive to our grandmother’s older sister’s house in Malaysia ..Since she was the oldest among the whole, i guess she was respected greatly. So we booked the chalet just a couple kilometres away from her bungalow. We had dinner …

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